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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st Time
Samantha is a brilliant patient driving instructor. Before learning to drive with Sam I was an un-confident and anxious driver. She brought out my confidence and taught me how to drive confidently and safely for life. thank you so much Laura :)

1st Time Pass
Congratulations to Abbie for passing her driving test in Kettering this morning with only 2 minors! She managed to keep her nerves and did a superb drive. Good luck with moving and buying your car 🚗😁 stay safe! Abbie had this to say ' This shows how much of a fab instructor you are I couldn't thank you enough and I'm finally driving have been for past 2 weeks got myself a Citroen C1. Sam been excellent best one out of all 3 of the ones I've had'

Passed 1st Time
Huge congratulations to Aliesha for passing her driving test in Kettering this afternoon. Aliesha did a super drive after a 30 hour intensive course over 3 weeks. Enjoy car shopping and no more buses!

Test Booster
Chelsea came to me from another instructor as she had a break after not getting out the test centre in her first test. We did 20 hours, working on confidence as well as safe driving and she passed first time with myself. Put in a great drive.

Passed 1st Time
Massive congratulations to Natasha for passing her driving test in Kettering today with only 3 minors. Examiner said it was a great drive. Keep safe and enjoy!

Danielle Danielle
1st Time Pass
Massive congratulations to Danielle for passing her driving test in Kettering today with only 3 minors! Examiner even mentioned how great the drive was and you were the most relaxed student ever! Enjoy your freedom and car shopping.

Robert Robert
Passed 1st Time
Massive congratulations to Robert! He took a 30 hour intensive course over 5 weeks. Worked out 2-4 hours a week. Gave a solid drive to get 4 minors. Enjoy your freedom and being able to drive yourself to uni

Semi Intensive
Having been with some other driving instructors before Sam, I know what it feels like to have self-doubt or question your own ability. It is because of this that my testimonial will immediately make your mind up in choosing Sam as your key to your car and that bright blue certificate at the end! Since my very first lesson with Sam, I have experienced the most comforting driving environment. What really differentiates Sam is her energy and dedication to driving - it’s her life, not just a job. Sam created a well-supported and engaging relationship, dealing with any issues I had about the driving tuition, practical test or general queries.

She helped make out of the car problems comfortable too, where often we have other problems outside of driving or overthink everyday issues at home. This pastoral care, building not only the ‘instructor’ link, but that of a friendship, has helped me talk through many stressful situations and she has honestly made my journey to becoming a driver the best I could have ever wished for. Through the times when I’ve encountered haunts from previous lessons’ mistakes, I have been able to deal with situations better and I’ve notably developed so much in a short space of time due to Samantha. In the car, you and Sam are a team. Teams get things done, and in this case, giving Sam a call and booking in your lessons will be the best thing you’ll do after reading this. You won’t look back, you’ll forget any negative thoughts you had about learning to drive because the journey with Samantha is smooth and will set you on the road. Thank you so much for what has been an amazing journey on both a self-confidence and driving journey.

Through all of our laughs, that Pass Certificate deserves a space with your name on it too. You have helped me grow so much and my freedom and career development has a lot of dependence upon the ability to drive. Thank you for helping me to open these doors and being my friend. I’ll be seeing you again in 2 years for refresher lessons!! All the thanks in the world, Dean

Karlia Karlia
Great Drive, Well deserved
I highly recommend LDC and my instructor Samantha. Samantha’s patience and support made learning to drive feel very comfortable and also reliable. She was incredibly helpful, I am very grateful to have had such a kind, friendly and accessible driving instructor!

Passed 1st Time
Katie came to me from another instructor having had 10 hours previously. Katie passed her test first time with 20 hours of driving. She had this to say ' Thank you so much! I loved your lessons and I'm definitely going to miss them! Xx'

Terri Terri
25 hour Course
Terri had a 25 hours course as she had a break from driving for a few years. Terri put in a great drive. Terri said 'Thanks for being such a great instructor and getting me passed. Have a lovely Christmas xxx'